~ How do I submit?
Please check our pinned post on top of our FB page thread for the latest topic regarding submission call and follow instructions there. 

If you are not the photographer, you MUST have the photographer’s permission to submit photos.

~ Can I get a free print issue since I am in it (or I shot it)?
We’re sorry we are not able to give free print issues, but we gladly give free PDF file for you to share on social media and we try to promote you on FB/Instagram whenever we can.

How much do you pay? Or How much does it cost to be featured in the magazine?
We do not pay the models/photographers and we do not charge you to be in the magazine.

How can I be featured on cover?
Every submission is considered for cover. Selection is always a tough choice in each issue. We usually narrow our choices to a few selections, then a vote is taken by the staff.  


What are your image resolution requirements?
We need 300dpi, minimum 2550 x 3300 dimensions.

In windows, use file explorer and right click on image to view the properties.


In Mac, right-click on the file name and select properties-detail.


If you get this reply email “Please provide high res 300dpi, minimum 2550x3300” this means you sent in low resolution images that will not print well. If you send in images that does not meeting these requirements repeatedly, your submission will be rejected.



What are your image format requirements?
We accept both landscape or portrait format. Portrait (vertical format) - 8.5x11 is ideal.  Landscape (horizontal format) - 11x8.5 is ideal. This way, we do not crop your work of art. We are NOT responsible if the correct format is not sent. 


What image file type do you prefer?
We prefer JPEG/JPG, but sometimes accept PNG.


We do not accept RAW, PSD or PDF. No cell phone pics please!


What are your deadlines?
Deadlines will posted in the submission call for themes.


What genres do you accept?

We feature most portrait genres, but we do not feature nudity. Accepted genres include traditional, lifestyle, fashion, environmental, candid/street, glamour/beauty, fine art, conceptual, surreal, and family/group portraits. Also, please no selfies with cell phone camera.

Where are you based?
We are based in Ohio, USA.

Can I be featured in your magazine more than once?
Yes you can. Same goes for cover feature, but it gets harder to be featured second time, as we try to give new models chance to be featured.

How many images does my article need? 

Depending on the length of the article submit, determines the number of pictures to submit. Pictures should be related to the topic of the article. I use 1-2 picture per page and most articles are 2 page. 

Photos are not required to have article published. However, they are recommended as most readers like to put a face to the story being told.

There is a typo in the print issue. Can you send me another one?

We are careful not to have any typos in the print issue, but it can happen. We are not able to send a replacement copy. Layout Proofs are email for review, PLEASE PREVIEW IT FOR ACCURACY AND THERE ARE NO TYPOS. 



If you have a question not addressed here, please ask via direct message or send email to dawnd@illusionsmagazine.com

Thank you!
Illusions Magazine