We are seeking submissions from those who want a voice for the topics that Illusions Magazine is covering (see Topics page). All contributors MUST sign a release form. Illusions Magazine does NOT pay for submissions. The editors create the appearance of the magazine and its layout.

     We ask contributors to refrain from submitting the same images that have been published in other magazines. We ask for submitted work to be unpublished. Accepted images may be used in advertisement or promotions. SUBMISSIONS ARE TAKEN ON FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE, not by who contacted the magazine first, or who promises to submit.

Types of Submissions:

Writers – 700-1200 words. Articles may be longer if needed for your message or experience to be told. Articles are to be about experience, advice or empowering others related to the topic Illusion Magazine is covering. We are very interested in using your photographs in the article also. I edit articles for grammar/content.

Photographs – Images should be HI-RES, 300 dpi, at least 5x7 in size. No watermarks. Include all pertinent names/credits with submission. All images MUST have photographer’s permission to be published.

EMAIL – All Submissions MUST be emailed to



     Please do not print or share proofs of magazine’s pages until the magazine has been published. Please spell check proofs. No free copies for contributors. Submitting DOES NOT guarantee publishing. Permission must be obtained from all parties involved with the submission. Once you do submit, that means you fully agree with everything on this submission sheet.

     Please look over the magazine topics to make sure you are a good fit with the topic and its content.



To be considered for a cover, images are to be UNSEEN, UNPUBLISHED images to keep our viewers excited for the cover. We are looking for specific things in order for an image to make our cover. The quality of the photo, the lighting, matching the theme of the month, along with there being a right amount of space at the top for our logo, the sides for any text needed for the issue. Please do not get discouraged if you send in something wanting the cover and we ask for it for inside the issue. Our cover images are usually picked at least one to two issues ahead of the one we are working on so even if you are selected for a cover, you may still have to wait a few weeks before it is filled and released.